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Product name:Aluminum pot automatic spraying line

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Notice for use

Aluminum pan in the automatic assembly line


Gas、high temperature drying tunnel, pipeline operation process and usage information



1. Before starting the machine, check or adjust the set temperature of each heating section to meet the process temperature of the coating. Generally, the inner coating temperature is not the same as 150-280 °C, and the second section is 380-430 °C. Different coatings should be slightly adjusted), generally the temperature of the external coating is set to a period of 120-200 ° CC, the second section is 260-300 ° C (if the paint is different, it should be diluted), after setting the process temperature of each group The switch should be connected to the measuring position.

2. Check if the tachometer is at zero position. If it is not at the zero position, turn it to the left position. Then turn on the belt motor and rotate the tachometer to adjust the speed of the belt to the line speed required by the process.

3. Before starting the dry furnace or sintering furnace, first check whether the natural gas pressure gauge is in the normal range (10G dynamic pressure is 3-5kp, 34G dynamic pressure is 4-6kpa).

4, start the holding fan, start the burning machine (you must first start the mixing fan and then start the burner!!!)

5. Observe the thermometer. If the process temperature is reached, you can start to put the workpiece into production.

6. Each piece of product should be inspected for quality to meet the standard requirements.



1. The operator must carry out training. The personnel who are instructed by the train or the car should not trace the full electrical switch, process temperature, damper and mesh belt running speed.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether the motors are running normally. If there is abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately.

3. During the operation, if the mesh belt is found to be loose, it should be adjusted in time.

4. After each shift is warmed up, if the temperature is abnormal, check whether the burner or thermocouple is abnormal.

5. At the end of the work, the other power supply should be turned off, but the circulating fan should be shut down automatically after 15 hours, so as to avoid the overheating damage of the burner on the combustion chamber caused by the immediate shutdown!!


Paint operation process and method

1 General single-layer silicon coating, just after opening the package, stir it evenly with a wooden stick, put a proper amount of thinner, filter it through a 200-250 mesh filter and put it into a pressure tank or a pressure pump to carry out the coating operation; If the paint is different, it should be adjusted)

2, the spray gunner should adjust the angle of the spray gun, the amount of oil from the distance, so as not to cause unnecessary waste.

3. When the workpiece is sprayed into the drying oven, it should be checked whether the product meets the product quality standard. The above should be a little touched (the residual heat can not be too high) before the surface coating operation; (with or without sag, partiality, etc.) Into the drying oven; check the color after drying, whether there is any abnormality, compared with the swatch, no abnormality, can be normal production



Fourth, maintenance and maintenance

1. Regularly refuel the rotating bearings and add a butter to the rotating chain once a week.

2, the gearbox adds butter every three months, and replaces the butter once a year.

3. Each motor, fan, water pump and electrical components should be inspected regularly. If abnormal sound is found during work, it must be shut down for inspection.


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