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High temperature furnace coating production line

Release date:2019-04-24

Yongkang Lefuer Painting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in surface treatment, coating equipment design, R&D, manufacturing, installation and sales services. It is a member of China Surface Engineering Coating Association. In 2010, he was selected as the top ten enterprises in the 4th China coating industry. The company is located in the hardware capital of the Yangtze River Delta - Zhejiang Yongkang. The company has developed rapidly in recent years with the regional advantages and technological advantages of Yongkang China Hardware Capital and China Gate. The introduction of advanced technology, the research and development of new topics, and the accumulation of rich experience have enabled the company to have many effective solutions to solve the practical problems of manufacturers in various surface treatment systems and coating equipment.

Lefuer Painting company's main customers are located in mainland China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, and other regions. The equipment is used in daily hardware, kitchen utensils, cookware, security doors, auto parts manufacturing, motorcycles, aluminum profiles, refrigerators, Painting of televisions, furniture, toys, small household appliances, mobile phones, various household appliances, plastics/hardware, etc.The main products of Lefuer Painting Co., Ltd. include: painting equipment, spraying equipment, surface treatment equipment, dust-free coating, plastic coating, Tron oven, non-stick coating equipment, automatic spray booth, water curtain cabinet, Electrostatic equipment, drying equipment, environmentally friendly products, electrophoresis, air purification, ventilation, etc.

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  High temperature furnace coating production line

Brand: Lefuer Model: 25M-1200-280°C

Detailed description:

Teflon automatic coating production line consists of manual upper parts, automatic blowing dust, 50 °C preheating and dehumidification, 3S-4P dust-free automatic spraying (primer coating), 130 °C online (primer) sintering, rapid freezing, 3S- 8P dust-free two automatic spraying (middle layer spraying and top layer spraying), leveling, manual lowering into 28M-1200-450 °C high temperature sintering furnace (drying tunnel), 3S-4P dust-free automatic spraying (external coating), 25M-1200-280 °C medium temperature sintering furnace (drying tunnel), lower parts.