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Automated simulation of coating to fission of automated digital precision coating

Release date:2019-05-22

With the introduction of the "Made in China 2025" plan, some domestic electronics manufacturing leaders have begun the pace of automation transformation, the whole industry set off a wave of electronic manufacturing automation. Coupled with the decline of all walks of life around the world, the manufacturing industry has been very depressed. Coating equipment manufacturers, which are upstream enterprises in the manufacturing industry, are also facing great transformation challenges. The non-transformation is waiting for the death, because the downstream manufacturing industry has already experienced excessive production. Even the downstream manufacturing industry has been closed down in a large area, the manufacturing equipment of the manufacturing industry has been idle, and the traditional coating equipment market has almost no demand, so the transformation is waiting for death.

At present, the coating industry has used automatic spray gun spraying on a large area, basically eliminating manual spraying, but although automatic spraying, it only replaces manual spraying with automatic spray gun (including robot hand spraying), without changing the way of visual analog painting, or manually estimating adjustment. The flow rate of the automatic spray gun, the air pressure, and the approximate number of overlapping sprays, the thickness and uniformity of the coating are still difficult to control, for example: the rotation of the automatic coating line of kitchen utensils (aluminum pot, non-stick pan, soup pot, cake mold) Spraying (Hong Kong Fengyu Co., Ltd. is the technical representative) is currently using the workpiece to rotate (about 100-200r/min), and multiple fixed automatic spray guns are sprayed at different angles. This process realizes automatic spraying instead of manual spraying. Increased production efficiency and improved coating uniformity of product batches; at the end of the 19th century, the automatic coating line of kitchen utensils represented by Hong Kong Fengyu Company began to enter the factory, which has been popular until now and represents the entire domestic coating industry. Simulate the current coating process equipment and standards. However, the number of turns of the actual rotating spray when these equipment parts are sprayed cannot be controlled, resulting in the workpiece being sprayed 2.2 turns, 2.6 turns, 2.9 turns, 3.3 turns, 3.8 turns, etc. It is impossible to control the integer spray, which greatly wastes the paint resources, thus causing the coating Uneven layers affect product quality.

Under the premise of this severe international situation, I proposed a new theory of “digital precision painting” after painting automation.

One: meet the current environmental requirements.

Second: Absolutely improve the uniformity of product coating and improve the quality of essential products.

Third: saving paint, actually saves more than 20% of paint than the analog automatic coating process (including robotic automatic painting) that is commonly used nowadays. Greatly improve product competitiveness, save various resources and reduce costs.

The “Digital Precision Coating” process refers to: the touch screen digital input controls the spray gun flow rate, the spray gun spray speed, and the spray unit area. The three main indicators control the coating thickness, and then the input touch screen digitally controls the number of repeated integer sprays (the number of spray layers). Absolute value to ensure that the coating thickness does not produce deviation, eliminate the currently widely used visual simulation coating process, "digital precision coating" is the industry's leap, will be the revolution of the industry's painting equipment! More technical issues Lefort is in the protection of intellectual property.